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The Easter Bunny Sleeve

Because you're just not ready for them to stop believing in the Easter bunny

Capture the magic of Easter!

Helping children capture video of the Easter Bunny

Push play to find out how!

The Easter Bunny Sleeve-Capture Video of The Easter Bunny

$16.99 $19.99

Finding chocolate eggs is a treat but seeing the Easter Bunny with their very own eyes? That’s the real treasure! Crafted in luxurious bunny-soft velvet, this Easter Bunny Sleeve keeps the magic of Easter alive … for at least one more year. Choose from bunny-sized (S/M) or rabbit-sized (L/XL).



On the night before Easter. . . Have your child help you set up a phone or a tablet, or use your video doorbell, baby camera, or any other device, so they can catch the Easter Bunny in action!

Once you’re sure they’re sleeping. . . Slip on the sleeve and capture the “Easter Bunny” as you fill a basket or reach for a carrot.

Bright and early on Easter morning. . . Watch their eyes light up with video proof that the Easter Bunny is real. (Don’t be surprised if this is even more exciting than the Easter egg hunt!)   

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