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"The Easter Bunny Was Here!" Easter Bunny Tracking Kit

"The Easter Bunny Was Here!" Easter Bunny Tracking Kit

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Our favorite holiday character hops in and out of our homes every year. Stashing the eggs that we leave out, and offering chocolates, candies, toys, and magic, but finding eggs can be difficult! Well...until now. With our Easter bunny tracking kit, children can follow the glowing paw prints right to the location of the eggs!

How it works:

Step 1. Fill the tinsl Easter egg with the magic potion

Step 2. When the Easter bunny grabs the egg, the magic potion will spill out, and he will get it on his paws. The paw tracks left behind will glow!

Step 3. Early Easter morning, see the glowing footprints left behind - using the included magic blacklights.


Inside the Kit

1. Tinsl Easter egg

2. 10ml squirt bottle of glowing ink (washable & non-toxic)

3. Glow-in-the-dark tattoos

4. 2 UV blacklight

5.Instructions for the kids

6. Parents-only Pack ( Bunny print stamp, extra glowing ink, and instructions that are parent specific)

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