"Little Leprechauns Were Here!" – Tinsl

"Little Leprechauns Were Here!"

by Tinsl


Imaginative Parent & Child Activity Kit


Is your home ravaged by leprechauns on a special day every year?
Do you wonder where they are coming from, or where they go?
Have you tried to trap one, but haven't found a solution?
Well, at tinsl, we have a solution...

Inside the Kit

1. Cauldron

2. 10ml squirt bottle of glowing ink (washable & non-toxic)

3. Glow-in-the-dark tattoos

4. 2 UV blacklight

5.Instructions for the kids

6. Parent Pack ( Stamp pad, extra 10ml squirt bottle of glowing ink, instructions for the grown ups)

7. Tinsl Gold

How it works:

Step 1. Place the cauldron and fill with gold and magic potion

Step 2. Leprechauns can't resist the pot o'gold, and when they take the gold, they will get covered in the magic potions.

Step 3. Follow the glowing footprints. with the included UV blacklight.