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I’ll never forget the day our son Hunter came home from first grade in tears. “Santa’s not real?” he asked. (A kid with an older brother had spilled the beans!) We could tell by the way he asked, he wasn’t ready to accept this as truth. Neither were we!


Hunter said that he believed that Santa was real, and to prove it, he would like to set up a phone to capture Santa in the act. Knowing his sneaky plan, we created one of our own. The idea for The Santa Sleeve was born, and put to the test a few weeks later on Christmas Eve —a fun creative answer to how parents can prolong this sweet, innocent age of wonder just a little bit longer.

The next morning, Hunter was just beside himself to see that the “spy camera” (re: Daddy’s phone!) he’d helped set up to catch Santa had actually worked. He could hardly contain his excitement as he watched the video of Santa grabbing the cookies. He must have watched it 100 times before he even opened a single present. This experience taught us one thing: No matter what’s in their stocking, seeing Santa with their very own eyes is the best Christmas gift of all.

-Kody The Elf-

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